Having graduated in 2001 from the University of Toronto with a joint Law degree and Master’s degree in International Relations, I have been practicing family law since 2004.  Prior to that, my career began on Bay Street as an associate at Blake, Cassels and Graydon LLP, where I gained valuable experience in significant business and financial transactions.

Practicing in family law with meaningful experience in all its aspects, I have represented over a thousand clients in issues ranging from custody and access, support issues, property division, and complex financial disputes.

As a family law lawyer, I often see people at the most difficult of times.   Clients feel a range of emotions from sadness, anger and denial to optimism and hope for the future.  Focusing on my client as a complete person, my goal is to provide legal advice and guidance on the best path to resolving matrimonial issues in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

While I recommend settlement when it is reasonable and meets my client’s expectations, I am also a strong advocate at court for my client’s rights and entitlements when litigation is called for.  Having been noted in more than twenty (20) precedent-setting cases and appearing before all levels of court in Ontario, I have extensive courtroom experience in the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice, the Unified Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

For clients who prefer to resolve their matters outside of court, mediation and arbitration are good options.  I am an advocate of the collaborative family law process for those seeking more private and less contentious results.

My practice as a matrimonial lawyer is not restricted to clients going through separation and divorce.  Some clients require a Cohabitation Agreement or Marriage Contract (also known as Prenuptial Agreements) when contemplating living with another person, about to be married or even during marriage or cohabitation.  I am a strong believer in domestic contracts, since such contracts allow parties to define their expectations for their relationship with honesty and full disclosure.

Outside of my family law practice, I have two young children who keep me grounded.  Being a parent myself, I appreciate how much we all love our children and want what is best for our families.

I see being a family law lawyer as a privilege.   My clients entrust me with their most personal details at a difficult time in their lives.   My role and responsibility is to advise my clients about their rights and entitlements under family law and guide them through the process to the outcome they desire.

To book a consultation with me, please email me at poroshad@mlfamilyLaw.ca, or call at 416-284-2354.

Languages spoken:  English and Farsi

Academic Accomplishments:

  • Juris Doctor/LLB – University of Toronto (2001) (Entered law school with a Scholarship)
  • Masters in International Relations/Political Science (2001) – University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Arts, with Honours – with High Distinction – University of Toronto (graduated on Dean’s List and top 5 % of graduating class)
  • Admitted to Golden Key Society due to academic excellence

Some Articles Written:

  • “A move toward shared parenting? Not so Fast,” Poroshad Mahdi, The Lawyer’s Daily: thelawyersdaily.ca
  • “Shared parenting and the framework for determining child support,” Poroshad Mahdi, The Lawyer’s Daily:  thelawyersdaily.ca

Some Reported Cases:

  • Benevento v. Benevento, 2015 ONSC 6707 (Canlii). (At trial, Poroshad Mahdi represented the wife, who won the trial. This case involved business valuation and income determination in the face of complicated financial affairs for property division, and child and spousal support. The husband was self-employed. The trial judge subsequently Ordered the husband to pay $45,000 towards Poroshad Mahdi’s legal fees. The husband then appealed his case to the Ontario Court of Appeal, wherein he was unsuccessful and was again Ordered to pay Poroshad Mahdi’s legal costs.)
  • R. (C) v. A. (L) 2015 ONCJ 86 (This decision involved custody and access in the context of a highly contentious separation involving Children’s Aid Services, Office of the Children’s Lawyer and the police. Poroshad Mahdi represented the father and was successful at trial such that the father was awarded sole custody and primary residence of the children. The mother was also Ordered to pay Poroshad Mahdi’s legal costs.)
  • Szucs v. Freeman, 2007 ONCJ 96. (This decision concerned retroactive child support. Poroshad Mahdi represented the mother, and was successful in obtaining a favourable Order for the mother for retroactive child support, in the context of the father misrepresenting his earnings. The father was also Ordered to pay Poroshad Mahdi’s costs.)

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