From a young age, I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer, and I geared my education towards this path.

I have been practicing family law since being called to the bar in 2004. Before focusing my career solely on family law, I also practiced criminal law, which gave me a different perspective into the intersection of family law and criminal law. This experience gave me the opportunity to develop and sharpen my court and advocacy skills.

I am described by my clients and colleagues as a dedicated and passionate advocate. I feel strongly in my responsibility to obtain the best results for my clients.

My experience allows me to navigate my clients through a very difficult time in their lives. It is important for me to find solutions for my clients which will allow them to move on in a happier path. To this end, preparing a strong foundation for a case is essential. I have experience in dealing with various family law issues of varying degrees of complexity, such as children and parenting issues, child support, spousal support, and the complex division of property, including business interests.

I also advise clients on marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements, which range from straightforward to sophisticated contracts involving corporate and trust components.

My practice has included a focus on cases with high conflict parties which often involve abuse, addiction, mental health concerns and narcissistic personalities. I encourage you to review our article under Areas of Practice for some further guidance on these issues.

While I strongly recommend tools such as mediation, arbitration and settlement discussions to find solutions for my clients, in a cost-effective manner, I do not hesitate to move forward with court should my clients’ interests require same.

I have extensive experience advocating for clients at several levels of court in Ontario. I am also fluent in French and in Portuguese and therefore also service these communities.

My life lessons learned while raising my three children have shown me the importance of compassion and sympathy and have reminded me to focus on the important issues.

To describe me best, I would say that I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else

To book a consultation with me, please contact me at:

Toronto Direct: 416-900-3847
Mississauga: 905-997-1754

Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, French

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Some Reported Cases:

  • Guillotte v. Sinopoli2010 ONSC 4471 (CanLII)
  • Guillotte v. Sinopoli2011 ONSC 77 (CanLII)
  • Leopoldino v. Leopoldino, 2018 ONSC 1787 (CanLII) Wife was ordered to pay costs of $24,811.60 to cover Natacha Leite’s legal fees on a temporary motion. Wife had been unreasonable in her settlement negotiations.
  • Rofail v. Naguib, 2012 ONSC 931 High conflict matter, dealing with exclusive possession of the matrimonial home, access, child support and spousal support. Natacha was able to secure an Order that Wife obtain exclusive possession of the Matrimonial Home. Husband was ordered to move out.
  • Rofail v. Naguib, 2012 ONSC 2117 Case involving costs. Husband was ordered to pay costs for Natacha Leite legal fees.
  • Guerreiro v. Guerreiro, 2016 ONSC 2367 Natacha Leite was successful in deleting a writ registered against the Matrimonial Home and proceed to have the property transferred into Wife’s sole name. Costs against the third party counsel was also ordered in favour of Natacha Leite’s client.
  • Q. v. S., 2016 ONSC 7447 High conflict case. Self-employed father was ordered to provide detailed financial disclosure. Natacha Leite was also able to secure an Order against the father’s business partner ordering that the third party business also provide financial records.

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